South African Customers Visiting

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         On May 25, 2023, South African customers visited Shenzhen Huanduy Technology Co., Ltd. Huanduy insists on innovation in lithium ion industry, battery mainly applied to lithium RV batteries, lithium marine batteries, trolling motor batteries, golf cart/other EV batteries, and energy storage system. The R & D team of Huanduy comes from CATL, BYD, and OptimumNano.

        Huanduy enjoys a good reputation in engineering, manufacturing, supply and service, high-quality products and services, powerful strength, and good development prospects in the lithium industry, and continues to attract customers to visit. The reception work of Huanduy is meticulous, creating a relaxed atmosphere for customers’ visits with the best spirit.

       South African customers feel the enthusiasm and working attitude of Huanduy. Accompanied by the technical engineer, the customer tests the voltage and capacity of the battery pack on site, superb module technology, and ultra-high lithium performance show the technical strength of the Huanduy source. The company’s technical engineers quickly made meticulous answers to customers’ questions, reflecting the rich lithium experience of the technical team.  With the company leader, South African customers have witnessed the production equipment and production process of Huanduy, and the high-quality finished products reflect advanced lithium technology. Huanduy has made SOP for each lithium battery product, persisted in improving the production management system and strict quality control system, and realized the independent research and development of lithium battery and the integrated development of the lithium battery industry chain.

Discussion technology

Discuss about the stable module structure of lithium battery

      In addition, the products of South African customers of the OEM project used in the field of energy storage, such as saloon cars, yachts, fishing boats, solar energy, etc., so the CEO and sales engineers also showed South African customers the main products of Huanduy, and the lithium electric process is visualized and intelligent.  Huanduy lithium products equipped with smarter BMS, show more powerful battery safety technology, build the COPOW brand with strength, and receive praise from customers “COOL”.

     Whether it is lithium products or services, South African customers are satisfied, and Huanduy reached a cooperation agreement, we believe that the future will achieve a win-win!

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