What to do if you don’t have enough power in your caravan?  4 Solutions

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Why do caravans run out of power?

The RV doesn’t have enough power,  there are two main reasons:  the RV stored for a long time and the battery shelved for a long time, and the battery continues to discharge naturally. Due to the RV power appliances being more, all start, the load is too large, the battery capacity is small, can not meet the RV power output needs, resulting in insufficient power. After using it, most car owners will find that the lack of electricity belongs to the latter.

Electricity is a necessity for RVs and cannot be lacked. Electricity in caravans and housing is not the same, divided into 12V DC (individual caravans use 24V and even 48V) and AC two modes. The 12V power stored in the caravan battery (also known as the life battery, used to distinguish the chassis starting battery), and AC power do not store only external. The caravan is equipped with 1-2 batteries for storing power, usually 100Ah-200Ah. Please note that the caravan’s living battery and the engine starting battery do not belong to a power system, and the trailer caravan will also have a separate battery.

Then the caravan’s 12v 100Ah living battery is only enough to run the caravan’s lighting, computer, and mobile phone charging, and can only be used for a short time if running high-power appliances such as fridges, air conditioners, and induction cookers. When the caravan is in use, the engine will not still start to charge the living battery, the charging speed is slow, and it is only suitable for travelling. The inverter, refrigerator, water pump, exhaust fan, and other equipment, when the caravan is camping, are almost at total capacity. In contrast, equipment like warm air, electric water heater, cooker hood, exhaust fan, and other equipment have very high power consumption. Lighting, vehicle monitoring boards, gas water heaters, etc. consume more power when counted over a long period of time. Caravans are limited by the battery capacity, so the RV power is often insufficient when camping.

What you need to consider when using RV lithium battery?

How do you solve the problem of not having enough power in your caravan?

Option 1: Additional battery packs

Increase the storage capacity, turn 100Ah into 200Ah. Please note that the battery in ordinary car is a starting battery, with high starting current, which stops after starting, and driven by the engine, and charged by the engine through the generator during the driving process. The batteries used in caravans are deep cycle batteries, deep cycle batteries support deep discharge, which will not affect the battery life, and the number of charge/discharge times is higher than normal car batteries.

Option 2: Solar power

Solar cell system is also a popular RV equipment. Some RVs are equipped with solar panels, which can basically meet the lighting, computers, mobile phones, and other equipment of RVs.

However, due to the influence of external forces such as weather and terrain, solar energy can only be used as an alternative to the charging mode. How many solar panels riders need to install depends on the actual situation of electricity consumption.If the length of the car body is 6 meters and the width is 2 meters, then the overall area of the roof is about 6 × 2 square meters (square meters). In addition to the space occupied by air conditioners, skylights, and satellite TV antennas, the RV roof has about 5 square meters of usable area. The power in 300W-400W can ensure the normal operation of the lighting equipment and small household appliances.

In addition, please pay attention to the weight ratio of the RV.When adding batteries to the RV, please pay special attention to the weight balance of the RV. A car friend upgraded the 200Ah battery from the RV to 1000Ah to meet the electricity needed by electrical appliances, but the car body was much heavier. Please imagine that the 100Ah lead-acid battery is about 30kg. 1000Ah is basically 300kg. Most of the RV’s factory load is within 500kg. After the battery is replaced, the battery alone accounts for 80% of the weight. Obviously, this will seriously affect the safety of driving. Therefore, riders can install it properly.

Lithium battery is a popular high-performance battery at present. Compared with the traditional lead-acid battery, it has too many advantages: good discharge performance and high efficiency, especially the lightweight design is better than lead-acid battery.

Option 3: Mains power supply

The RV power has always been a key consideration for motorists. If the resources of the RV camp are adequate, city electricity is also an important source of power.

Option 4: Generators

Generator is a simple, direct and effective way. Please choose high-end brands,which have tested by the market for a long time. Before deciding to buy a generator, you need to consider the maximum power used by RV appliances. For example, 200W refrigerators and 1000W microwave ovens require 1200W of power to run both devices , you may need a 1500W generator. The general RV electrical appliances use power of about 3kW.


Caravans are not the same as ordinary cars, the issue of electricity has always been a problem that restricts enthusiasts, how to modify and upgrade, recommended to do so under the premise of professional guidance. With technology upgrades, caravan manufacturers are committed to standardizing lightweight lithium battery as a living power source. Perhaps new energy caravans will also become the mainstream of the market, using clean energy, such as wind, solar, and newer technologies.

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