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Long life, high rate discharge, fast charging, safety

The rgiht lifepo4 lithium battery

With the continuous acceleration of the development of science and technology, lithium-ion battery technology has also been the corresponding development, lithium iron phosphate battery came into being.This type of battery has obvious advantages, such as good safety, no memory effect, high working voltage, long cycle life, and high energy density, etc., which are mainly used in power batteries and energy storage batteries.

Why lithium ion battery replacement

Compared to lead-acid batteries with 2 natural enemies, high temperature, and frequent charging and discharging, irreversible damage will happen to lead acid. Lithium ion batteries can beat lead-acid in these areas. Lithium iron phosphate with the advantage of high energy density, long life, high-temperature performance, high rate of discharge and quickly charged, safe and environmental. LiFePO4 batteries can power your application effectively. Huanduy can customize the lithium battery solution with Bluetooth or WiFi function according to your needs.

lithium 12v 100ah
lithium iron phosphate cells

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How we can help you about lithium battery pack

With engineers for appearance design, structure design, hardware design, software design, testing, etc. Provided one-stop service from product concept to lithium ion battery pack, and all this major work can be done in our factory. We have complete intellectual property rights in lithium batteries, chargers, inverters, software, and other components. Providing you with the right types of lithium batteries solution. The removable rubber case is more convenient for your future maintenance.

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lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers

We can make OEM or ODM Lithium battery solutions for various applications for you. You can rely on and join us.

lithium ion battery types

Our suggestion on this issue is to use a special lithium battery charger. If you insist on using a lead-acid charger, it’s ok. But to match the correct voltage and current is not easy. Long-term use of lead-acid chargers is also not conducive to the performance and life of lithium batteries.

Cold weather will affect the performance of most electronic products. Lithium batteries are no exception. But usually, lithium iron phosphate batteries can operate normally at-20-60 degrees Celsius. If the weather is extremely cold, recommend putting the battery at the right temperature indoors.

Keep good conditions for voltage, current temperature, and protection.
Do not overcharge or over-discharge the battery.
Do not install the battery with a short-circuiting connection or incorrect polarity.
Keep the lithium-ion battery in a 30-50% SOC state. Recharge at least once every six months if not in use for a long time.

Choosing the best lithium battery, you have to consider the following factors.

  • First, determine the voltage and capacity, such as 12V100Ah. If you are not sure what type of battery it is, please inform the supplier of the use of your battery and how long it will take to run.
  •  Knowing the maximum charge and discharge current can help you match the cost-effective BMS. Then you can save the cost of the battery.
  • Knowing the charge and discharge rate. The general charge and discharge rate of lithium iron phosphate is 0.5C-1C.
  • The discharge depth of lithium iron phosphate battery is 100%DOD.
  • Cycle life.

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