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Huanduy Tech is a professional portable power station supplier. With R&D engineers from the top 3 in China. We already have proven product solutions and can also provide OEM and ODM for you. Make your outdoor activities more dynamic, and make your outdoor electricity more convenient.

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outdoor power station

The outdoor power station should take the power and energy into account,  followed by the quality of the cell determines the tranquility and stability of the outdoor power station, and then look at the product interface of the outdoor power station, the more interfaces, the more electrical equipment can be used by the outdoor power station. the advantage of outdoor power supply is that it can prevent dust and waterproof, dexterous and portable, stable and durable.

  • If you are worried about being large and heavy, it is not easy to carry;
  • If you are worried that the air is wet and dusty, the corrosion of the product will lead to accidents;
  • If you are worried about the loud sound of the electric fan, it will interfere with the camping atmosphere.

We can provide you with the most suitable solution. Huanduy’s portable power supply has certificates.

100w portable power station

portable power station 100W

  • Internal Battery: 130Wh 10.8V 12Ah
  • AC Output : Modified Sine Wave 100W 
  • DC Output: DC5525, 9V-12V 2A x4  
  • USB-A: 5V x2, 2A  
  • Dimension(mm): 204x90x161 
  • Weight(kg): 1.5Kg
100w battery pack

portable power supply 100W

  • Internal Battery: 144Wh  14.4V 10Ah
  • AC Output : Modified Sine Wave 100W
  • USB-A: 5V 2A x1,QC 3.0 x1,5V 3.6A,9V 
  • Type-C:5V 3A,9V 3A,12V 2.25A
  • Dimension(mm):292x144x208     
  • Weight(kg): 5.8Kg
300w solar generator

300w portable power station

  • Internal Battery: 432Wh 10.8V 40Ah
  • AC Output : Pure Sine Wave  300W 
  • DC Output: DC5521,  9-12V 3A x1   
  • USB-A:QC3.0 x2 5V 3A,9V 2A   
  • Dimension(mm):292x144x208     
  • Weight(kg): 5.8Kg
best 500w portable power station

500w portable power station

  • Internal Battery: 648Wh 14.4V 45Ah
  • AC Output : Pure Sine Wave  500W 
  • DC Output: DC5521, 12V 3A x2  
  • USB-A: QC3.0 x2,5V 3A,9V 2A
  • Dimension(mm):346x169x226  
  • Weight(kg): 7.8Kg
PS200 power station 200W

200w portable power station

  • Internal Battery: 230Wh 12.8V 18Ah
  • AC Output : Modified Sine Wave 200W 
  • DC Output: 6x DC5521, 10.6V-14.6V, 10A  
  • USB-A:1x USB-A QC3.0,5V/3A, 9V/2A
  • Dimension(mm):230x160x150  
  • Weight(kg): 3.8Kg
solar power generator 1000w

portable power station 1000w

  • Internal Battery: 864Wh 21.6V 40Ah
  • AC Output : Pure Sine Wave  1000W 
  • DC Output: DC5521,  12V 3A x2  
  • USB-A:QC3.0 x2, 5V 3A, 9V 2A
  • Dimension(mm):346x169x226
  • Weight(kg): 9.1Kg
power station1200w

1200W solar generator

  • Internal Battery: 1395Wh  37V 37.7Ah
  • AC Output : Pure Sine Wave  1200W 
  • DC Output: DC5521 x2, 13.5V 3A  
  • USB-A: 5V~9V, 18W Max
  • Dimension(mm):430x257x262
  • Weight(kg): 14.3Kg
1.5kw portable power station

1500W portable power station

  • Internal Battery: 1536Wh 51.2V 30Ah
  • AC Output : Pure Sine Wave  1500W 
  • Output Voltage:100V/110V or 220V/230V
  • 3x USB-A,5V/3A, 9V/2A, 18W Max
  • Dimension(mm): 482x381x88
  • Weight(kg): 19kg

best battery powered generator

Most portable generators were gasoline type previously, noisy and environmentally polluting.
The best battery-powered generator is the lithium-ion type. With a high energy ratio, small in size, and lightweight,  which can make you feel at ease when you use the generator when camping, no need to worry about the noise being too loud or electricity will soon run out, very convenient. One more important feature is waterproofing.

1200w portable power station
portable power station for camping

best portable power station for camping

Portable power is an indispensable part of your field camping. It can provide power and smooth operation for your phone, notebook, and small household appliances at any time.
The best camping portable power station is a reliable, safe, environmentally friendly, and convenient portable power source for lithium batteries.

portable power station with solar panel

Portable power stations with solar panels collect energy through solar panels and store it in batteries later. They can get more power from solar energy and are cleaner, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

portable power station with solar panel

lithium power station is lightweight, portable, low noise and long life.

Yes, it’s worth it, because portable power is not only easy to carry and put into a backpack to charge your mobile phone and laptop. It’s also your best backup power  in an emergency.

Yes, but you need to know the power requirements of your refrigerator to match the appropriate battery parameters.

There are generally 3 charging methods for portable power supply, Solar MPPT Charger, AC/DC Adaptor, and a Car Charger. We can charge by Car when camping.

It can be used for about 3 years. of course, if it is used and maintained well, its service life will be longer.

1. We need to consider whether the capacity and voltage can meet your electrical needs and running time.
2. We need to consider the input and output ports, whether it is convenient for you to charge the battery, whether it is convenient to power your electricity, whether it supports multiple devices.
3. Needs to consider the size. If you want to put it in the backpack or on the boat, you can choose the right size according to the actual use and requirements.
4. Needs to consider the price. If you pursue low prices, you may face quality problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.

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