Portable Power Station 100W

Conveniently power all your essential electronics, travel gear and professional equipment.

rechargeable power station

mobile power station 100w

Mobile power station BS100 is a lithium battery powered portable backup power supply and energy storage unit. It’s an all-in-one portable power station for camping, RV travel, car travel, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities, as well as off grid energy storage power supply and emergency power supply when electricity cut.

Portable Power Station 100W

 It integrates chargers, lithium ion battery, AC/DC inverter and DC output outlets, like 5V USB, DC 12V outlets. The inside modified sine wave inverter gives 100W power from AC outlet. It powers your TV, fan, lamp, etc. And your laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc can be powered by the USB outlets. It can be charged by included AC/DC adaptor when you have utility power at home and solar panel when you are off grid or outdoor.

mobile power station 100w

Portable Power Station 100W application

Emergency Power– It comprises emergency charging of electronic devices, such as laptops, smart phones and tablets,
during grid blackouts and outages. The demand for emergency power is driven by the increasing number of power outages due to severe weather events such as storms, earthquakes, and lightning, aging power grid infrastructure and other times that overburden transformers, electric cables, and other transmission and electrical distribution equipment. It’s specially designed for off gird areas for Africa, South-East Asia, South Asia, etc.

Portable Power Station 100W Off-grid Power

 The market in the off-grid segment is being driven largely by the increasing camping and outdoor recreational activities in Europe and areas with poor utility grid. It reduce the usage of diesel generator and provides power without causing any kind of noise, pollution or fumes. Demand from certain camping activities could be seasonal, such as visits during the rainy season or visiting water parks during summers. But when off-grid, you need power all the time from such energy storage units.

Portable Power Station 100W Off grid Power

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2 charging methods, solar panel and AC/DC special charger charging

Yes, if you often go out or like camping, then you need to have a backup power supply, and the portable 100w is a very convenient and cost-effective choice.

The biggest difference between these two methods of power generation is the scale at which they operate.

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