portable power station 1000w

Such smaller products can be carried in backpacks and the bigger ones can be put in cars and other vehicles.

powerstation camping

Camping is a good choice for a short time away from the fast-paced city life. Then you need a device that can provide you with power at any time. Convenient and lightweight, without too much noise, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, longer life power supply equipment, we can provide you with the best solution for your power station camping.

portable power station 1000w

portable power station 1000W can work as your solar generator and does not need fuel and gasoline. More environmentally friendly, plug and play, more convenient. More efficient to charge your solar panel. A pure sine wave can also protect your equipment, more stable and safe, professional outdoor camping battery.

1000w portable power station application

portable power station 1000w application

 PS1000 is a lithium battery-powered portable backup power supply. It’s an all-in-one portable power station for camping, RV travel, car travel, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, as well as an off-grid power supply and emergency power supply when electricity is cut.

advantage portable power station 1000w

It integrates chargers, lithium-ion batteries, AC/DC inverter, and DC output outlets, like USB type-C, USB-A, DC 12V, and car cigarette socket. The AC outlets output from the 1000W pure sine wave inverter is just like the public grid. It powers your TV, fan, lamp, and other household appliances. And your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc can be powered by the DC outlets. It can be charged by included AC/DC adaptor when you are at home and a solar panel when you enjoy outdoor.

1000w portable power station advantage

Professional to provide you with high-end portable power solutions.


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It is good to choose a power station 1000w to charge the refrigerator when the power goes out, and it can last 4-10 hours if a small 200W refrigerator.

Yes, it is possible to use a portable power supply to charge your router when the power goes out.

It depends on the application and power. A full charge can last about 3-13 hours.

Generally, a small house can use a 5-10kwh generator.

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