lithium marine starting battery

Specifically designed to deliver high peak current for fast engine starting. 12V Lithium cranking battery offer many advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, including light weight, higher energy density, longer life and faster charging.

Outboard Cranking Battery

Boat cranking battery provides the high peak current required to start a ship’s engine, it needs to provide high peak current for a short period to ensure that the engine can start quickly. As boats are subject to bumps and vibrations when moving on the water, Outboard Cranking Batteries are often designed to be vibration-resistant to ensure that they work reliably in harsh marine conditions. 


12V135Ah lithium cranking battery

Since boats are susceptible to wet conditions and waves, cranking LiFePO4 batteries have leak-proof technology to prevent battery liquid leakage. To ensure that the battery remains charged even when not in use for extended periods, the cranking LiFePO4 battery has a low self-discharge rate. Have a durable case and design to withstand the effects of harsh weather and marine conditions.

CoPow 1200CCA starting marine battery

  • Powerful startup capabilities ensures rapid start-up of marine engines in cold temperatures
  • Suitable for marine environments,Vessel-specific design for marine environments and bumpy shipping conditions.
  • High durability to withstand vibration, humidity and other harsh offshore conditions, ensuring long and reliable operation in difficult environments.
  • BMS battery management system, intelligent protection of the battery to ensure safe use, eight core protection: overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, equalization function, temperature protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, moisture protection;

safer and smarter BMS

Smarter CoPow cranking battery for boat


Why Choose CoPow for lithium marine starting battery

CoPow’s advanced lithium-ion technology is characterized by high energy density, lightweight modular design and fast charging. With the ability to provide customized designs to meet customer-specific needs, CoPow’s batteries have passed rigorous testing to obtain CE, MSDS, UN and other certificates, and comply with international standards and industry certifications, with an emphasis on durability and reliability.

CoPow with R & D service team 40+, providing customers with optimal battery solutions. CoPow lithium marine starting batteries have gained recognition in the market, and the products cover many fields of civil and industrial applications.


Lithium marine starting batteries can be used to start internal combustion engine engines on boats.  such as small boats, yachts, fishing boats, and commercial vessels. Also used in all types of yachts and sailboats to ensure that boats can be started quickly to provide on-board power when needed. These batteries are typically leak-proof, vibration-resistant, marine-ready, and provide strong starting capabilities.

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Marine batteries have a wide range of uses and are specially designed for a variety of applications on board, providing a stable and continuous power supply for various accessories.
On the other hand, the marine starting battery is a high-power battery specially designed to start the marine engine quickly, especially when it is necessary to provide strong crank power immediately.
Many ships may use these two types of batteries at the same time to effectively meet their power needs.

Lithium marine starting battery are very suitable for shipowners because they can be charged for a long time without losing energy.
They are effective for both starters and deep cycles.

Lithium starting marine battery are designed to last for 10 years, or longer if properly maintained.

The output current of 27 groups of batteries was higher than that of 24 groups. 27 sets of batteries are suitable for heavy commercial and industrial equipment. It can also provide stronger power and longer service life.

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