lithium ion golf cart batteries

Lithium iron phosphate battery without memory effect, high multiplier, high capacity, high security, can be quickly charged to meet the high current charging needs, excellent safety performance. Is the best choice for your golf cart upgrade.
zero maintenance, long Life Expectancy

lithium ion golf cart batteries, replacement from Lead Acid

Golf cart LiFePO4 battery are designed to replace lead-acid batteries. They can deliver the sort of hassle-free experience customers increasingly demand – batteries that are longer-lasting, longer range, free from daily maintenance, and have a designed lifespan of 10 years. They also offer high charging efficiency and less power consumption. 

golf cart lithium battery

Golf carts appear in golf courses, villas, resorts, and places for tourism and sightseeing because of their environmental design and convenience. Traditional golf carts generally use lead-acid batteries. With the development of lithium battery technology, lithium-ion battery applied to golf carts.

We recommend upgrading your golf balls to lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is suitable for short trips by golf cart. We needn’t worry about the battery having no power at some time. Neither worry about the battery being unstable to withstand the bad weather problems. Besides, it reduces maintenance costs.

golf cart lithium battery

LiFePO4 Batteries for Golf Carts

48V50Ah golf cart battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity :  50Ah 

Battery Energy : 2.56KWh 


Weight(kg): 35kg

48V100Ah golf cart battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity:  100Ah 

Battery Energy: 5.12KWh 


Weight(kg): 44kg

48V105Ah golf cart battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity:  105Ah 

Battery Energy: 5.376KWh 


Weight(kg): 46kg

36V50Ah golf cart battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity:  50Ah 

Battery Energy: 1.92KWh 


Weight(kg): 27kg

36V105Ah golf cart battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity:  105Ah 

Battery Energy:4.032KWh 


Weight(kg): 36kg

72V105Ah golf cart battery

Rated voltage: 73.6V, 

Rated capacity:  105Ah 

Battery Energy:7.728KWh 


Weight(kg): 67kg


CoPow Golf cart LiFePO4 battery advantages

The module is safer, tighter, and helpful for battery performance and life.

The contact surface with the positive and negativepoles is larger, the overcurrent capacity isstronger, more beautiful, and the fixation is safer.

Insulation function to protect the collection linefrom damage. bending busbar to protect battery from shaking and vibration.

You can monitor the status of the battery in real time, safer and smarter.

Ensures golf cart LiFePO4 battery consistency, longer cycle life and lower maintenance costs

CoPow golf cart batteries are smarter and safer!

48v lithium golf cart battery

48v lithium battery is most popular. We have developed 36 V, 48 V, 72 V systems for your golf carts. With very high stability built-in a variety of safety features. Excellent discharge performance, low self-discharge, fast charging, in the long run, so you can better enjoy short-term trips. Revolutionize your driving experience with Club Car’s latest innovation – club car lithium batteries that redefine efficiency, reliability, and performance. As we propel into a new era of sustainable energy, our lithium battery technology stands at the forefront, offering you an unparalleled driving adventure.


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