lithium forklift batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are gradually developing into the mainstream power supply for electric forklifts. It will give you high quality and cost performance in terms of energy efficiency and safety.

lithium ion forklift battery

Why are more and more people choosing lithium batteries to upgrade their forklifts? Compared to lead-acid batteries, the lithium-ion battery’s short-term cost will be a little higher. There is an absolute performance advantage. Lithium batteries can provide maximum power without affecting speed and lifting capacity. It can provide your business with higher quality and safe forklift power supply.

industrial forklift batteries solution

The lithium ion battery can give you greater energy efficiency. It is more environmentally and have lower emissions than lead-acid batteries. It also has a faster recharge capability, which can help you achieve sustainability. Lithium iron batteries also have a higher energy ratio, reducing the loss of energy in the charge cycle species and always giving you enough power to run the industrial forklift.

lithium forklift batteries
lithium ion forklift

adcantage of lithium forklift batteries

The company’s efficiency is critical. Lithium batteries can smoothly improve production advantages. Quickly charged will not affect the battery life. Cycle life is also longer than lead-acid. It is also suitable for operation in hot and cold environments to make your material handling safer and more efficient.

liFePO4 forklift battery

24 V Forklift Battery

Rated voltage: 25.6V, 

Rated capacity :  150Ah   

Battery Energy : 3.84 kwh 


Weight(kg):75 kg

24 V Forklift Battery

Rated voltage: 25.6V, 

Rated capacity :  230Ah   

Battery Energy : 5.88kwh 


Weight(kg): 80kg

24 V Forklift Battery

Rated voltage: 25.6V, 

Rated capacity :  460Ah   

Battery Energy : 11.8 kwh 


Weight(kg): 250 kg

36V forklift battery (1)
36 V Forklift Battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity :  690Ah   

Battery Energy : 26.49 kwh


Weight(kg): 330 kg

48V forklift battery(1)
48 V Forklift Battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity :  525Ah   

Battery Energy : 26.8 kwh 


Weight(kg):450 kg

80V forklift battery.jpg(1)
80 V Forklift Battery

Rated voltage: 83.2V, 

Rated capacity :  420Ah   

Battery Energy :34.9 kwh 


Weight(kg):500 kg

Why choose CoPow safer and smarter forklift batteries

CoPow has many years of experience in manufacturing forklift batteries and has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our team has deep experience in the forklift battery field, providing customers with professional and reliable battery solutions. Comprised of a team of highly skilled and creative professionals, we provide our customers with superior battery performance and service. We always use the latest battery technology and continue to innovate to ensure that our products are always at the forefront of the industry. We have advanced production equipment and large-scale production capacity to meet customers’ needs of different sizes. Provide flexible and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries and customers. We are committed to promoting sustainable development, using environmentally friendly materials and production processes to provide customers with green and efficient batteries.

CoPow with Cloud Platform obtains real-time operating data and usage location of the power supply, enabling faultpoint identification, The mobile app with remote program upgrade and other functions can query real-time operation data of the power supply, making it easy for operators to understand the running status of the loco-motive at any time.

The smarter battery management system is adopted to scientifically manage the battery.realize automatic balance and extend the service life of the battery;


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