lithium forklift batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are gradually developing into the mainstream power supply for electric forklifts. It will give you high quality and cost performance in terms of energy efficiency and safety.

lithium ion forklift battery

Why are more and more people choosing lithium batteries to upgrade their forklifts? Compared to lead-acid batteries, the lithium-ion battery’s short-term cost will be a little higher. There is an absolute performance advantage. Lithium batteries can provide maximum power without affecting speed and lifting capacity. It can provide your business with higher quality and safe forklift power supply.

lithium forklift batteries solution

The lithium ion battery can give you greater energy efficiency. It is more environmentally and have lower emissions than lead-acid batteries. It also has a faster recharge capability, which can help you achieve sustainability. Lithium iron batteries also have a higher energy ratio, reducing the loss of energy in the charge cycle species and always giving you enough power to run the forklift.

lithium forklift batteries
lithium ion forklift

adcantage of lithium forklift batteries

The company to improve efficiency is very important. Lithium batteries can smoothly improve more production advantages. Quickly charged will not affect the battery life. Cycle life is also longer than lead-acid. It is also suitable for operation in hot and cold environments so that your material handling is safer and more efficient.

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Whether a home floor cleaning machine or a public place cleaning machine, cleaners usually want the work to continue without being interrupted by a dead battery. It’s vital to maintain a steady power level throughout the job. Choosing the right battery solution can save you this problem. The lithium battery will ensure that you work reliably and consistently.

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No frequent changes battery for your forklift unless you haven't upgraded to LiFePO4 battery

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Lithium car battery and forklift lithium battery belong to the same power battery, but they are different. Forklift lithium batteries have the role of starting and traction. Generally, it requires a continuous operation, with high current discharge.

Yes. The idea is good. Forklift lithium batteries are in industrial application, have good performance, and relatively higher price. It is possible to use old forklift batteries in solar energy storage. But it usually requires a professional to identify whether it is a good used battery or not.

More and more forklifts battery is lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can maintain capacity at low or high temperatures. With advantages of maintaining fast charging, higher efficiency, zero maintenance advantages, become more popular. Besides, it’s no need to add water, but also more environmentally and energy-saving.

Lithium forklift batteries are generally 24V, 36V, 48V. You need to confirm the battery size required for your forklift, the power you need, and the time you need to run. Get the right battery solution to save cost, and it will not damage your equipment either.

Regularly checking the battery and cleaning is necessary. Maintaining the battery can improve the battery’s cycle life and performance. Either it can improve your work efficiency. There are several steps needed to clean the battery. First, please prepare the cleaning solution, and mix baking soda, water with recommended detergent. Then put on gloves to take out the battery safely. Pay attention to the ventilation cover of the battery is sealed. Then apply the cleaning solution on the top of the battery to clean the dirt. You can use the wire battery terminal brush to wipe it out if there is a lot of calcium. After cleaning and processing, air dry and finally put back into the forklift.

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