lithium battery scooter

Lithium battery scooter standing driving, small and lightweight suitable for walking through small spaces. Lithium iron phosphate battery with high energy ratio, small size, high safety factor, high stability is the best partner for your scooter.

lithium ion battery for electric scooter

Saves energy, charges quickly and with range capability, the tracked electric scooter is beautiful and easy to operate, better reflect the safety and excitement of the scooter movement.

Packed with lead-acid battery is bulky and heavy, and short driving range. Low energy density, large volume, low utilization rate of the scooter; electrolyte is easy to cause leakage and corrosion of parts; lead and its lead oxide damage to human health and bad to  environment.

Don’t worry we can provide you with lithium ion batteries for electric scooter, with high energy density and small size. In addition to advantages of light weight, long cycle life, high energy density and fast charging speed compared to traditional lead-acid battery.

lithium ion motorcycle battery

Many motorcycles on the market are lead-acid batteries. With the development of lithium batteries, many people began to consider whether it is necessary to switch to lithium batteries. The advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries are obvious, high energy density, stability, environmental protection, longer cycle life, which is also a factor that many people consider.

lithium ion motorcycle battery
mobility scooter lithium battery replacement

lithium batteries for mobility scooters

Scooter is more popular in Japan, Southeast Asia. It’s easy to learn, and very convenient, apply for walking or entertainment. It is also a good exercise for young people’s balance. Now has developed electric scooters, more convenient and light. most of them equipped with lithium batteries.

mobility scooter lithium battery replacement

Why do many people choose lithium batteries as the best alternative to lead-acid? Because lithium battery scooter have their characteristics, need a smaller size and weight of the battery, high energy ratio, and can achieve fast charging and discharging, all of which lithium batteries can help you achieve.

mobility scooter

Add new power to your scooter

Lithium iron phosphate battery will give you a new and different experience

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Leaving a lithium-ion battery plugged in overnight will not be dangerous. There is an MBS inside. It can protect the battery from overcharge and over-discharge. But if long-term super time charging will damage the battery and reduce performance.

Currently, most scooters on the market are lithium batteries powered. Many people choose NCM batteries. But lithium iron phosphate is more stable, long life, and is lighter weight. and slowly began to develop lithium iron phosphate batteries used in scooters.

Electric scooters quickly run out of power. You may need to consider the below issues.
1. Whether there is a problem with the charger.
2. whether the battery is a long-running battery. Lead-acid batteries are generally in about 500 cycles. After many uses, the performance will slowly reduce, the capacity will slowly reduce. While the cycle life of lithium batteries for more than 3500 times.

The cycle life of lithium ion batteries is more than 3500 times. In the case of reasonable use and maintenance, the life of lithium ion batteries can reach ten years. Of course, the way you use the scooter will also affect the battery’s life and performance.

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