Huanduy staff welcomes Colombian customers

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On 19 October 2023, Colombian customers visited the Huanduy factory. High-quality lithium batteries and excellent service, strong company qualification and reputation, and good prospects for lithium battery development attracted Colombian customers.

the advantages of Huanduy lithium batteries on site. 1.Safe and environmentally friendly, zero maintenance; 2. Modular design, easy installation, support capacity expansion. 3. Deep cycle: 6500+. 4. Built-in protection and communication function. 5. Reliable and stable, wide operating temperature range. 6. Support parallel connection, suitable for high-energy storage systems. 7. Compatible with a variety of chargers and inverters. 8. Plug and play, easy to install. 9.Flexible design, safe and smart;

The entire staff of Huanduy warmly welcomed the client. The company team arranged a meticulous reception. Accompanied by the main person in charge, the customer inspected the production workshop of Huanduy. The technical director of lithium batteries conducted the test of lithium batteries on site, showing a high level of professionalism and good intelligent equipment. The technicians gave detailed answers to the customers’ questions. Accompanying personnel introduced the processing process and the scope of use of lithium battery equipment to the customer in detail, and operated the equipment on the spot, showing excellent results of use.


After the visit, the person in charge gave a detailed introduction to the company’s development.

Huanduy has invested in independent research and development of Li-ion battery energy storage system, owns the core patents, and cooperates with the top domestic LiFePO4 manufacturers to master the core battery management system technology, reduce the comprehensive cost, improve the BMS intelligent protection technology, and strengthen the stability of the battery cell.

The two sides held in-depth discussions on future cooperation and committed to achieving a win-win situation in the cooperation projects!

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