Warmly welcome the representative of South Africa customer to review the Huanduy factory

   On August 30, 2023, representatives from South African customers visited Shenzhen Huanduyuan Technology Co., Ltd (here referred to as Huanduy), focusing on the production line of 51.2v 105ah golf cart lithium batteries, and an in-depth understanding of wall-mounted lithium batteries. The factory showed the hot energy storage products included 51.2v 105ah golf cart lithium batteries, 5KW/10KW wall-mounted batteries and 15KW stacked batteries, and listed a variety of customized lithium energy storage solutions. Huanduy is committed to researching, developing, and producing safer and smarter lithium batteries, responding positively to the call of the times for sustainable development and zero-carbon, bringing consumers a more efficient and cleaner experience, and creating more distinctive lithium energy storage solutions!

Why energy storage lithium batteries are the best sellers

   In the face of global optical storage opportunities, Huanduy has accelerated the penetration of the energy storage field and is an important force in the energy storage track. Huanduy produces a series of Li-ion battery products such as wall-mounted energy, stacked energy, rack-mounted energy storage, and  LFP batteries, which have cost advantages and high-quality competitiveness. Huanduy’s products have a complete and mature SOP system, strict quality control and strong manufacturing capacity reflects the strength of innovation and production. As for the customer’s lithium battery products and market concerns, the engineers explained in detail every detail of lithium battery manufacturing and all-round battery protection, and provided customers with satisfactory intelligent solutions. And together with the customer to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the energy storage market, and coping strategies to maximize the win-win situation.

   Before the South African customer representative audited the factory, the technical team of Huanduy provided a professional 51.2v 105ah lithium battery pack solution for the customer. With the customer to analyze the local Li-ion energy storage market report in all aspects. Huanduy’s innovative product design, service, and problem-solving ability are the key reasons to attract customers. The produced lithium battery products amazed customers.Customers confirmed with their own eyes that the lithium batteries are all from CATL, EVE, and other top 10 A-grade brand-new batteries in China. 51.2v 105ah lithium golf cart battery is the main purpose of the customer’s visit. Deep cycles ≥6500+, and the 10 -years of service life.High charging efficiency, less power consumption, explosion-proof, and waterproof. About 51.2v 105ah lithium golf cart batteries, our technical team had an in-depth communication with the customer. 51.2v 105ah lithium golf cart batteries won the customer’s favorable comments and cooperation opportunities with their technical strength.

51.2v 105ah lithium golf cart battery is the main purpose of the customer's visit. About 51.2v 105ah lithium golf cart batteries, our technical team had an in-depth communication with the customer

51.2v105ah lithium golf cart battery unique advantages include:

  • Adopts soft connection copper rows, large contact surface with positive and negative terminals, higher overcurrent capacity;
  • EVE cell-specific bracket, the internal module is safer and firmer, enhancing battery performance and service life;
  • Insulation tube sleeve, with insulation function, not only protects the collection cable, and has higher aesthetics;
  • Bluetooth module and golf cart display;
  • EVE brand new A-grade battery cells;
  • Structure and color etc. supporting customization;
  • With over current/short circuit/over-discharge/ overcharge/over voltage/overheat protection functions.
  • 51.2v 105ah lithium golf cart battery is small and light saves space, reduces carrying the load, and operates easily.

   Huanduy lithium battery product applications also include RVs, yachts, and energy storage systems, supporting one-stop energy storage system solutions. With perfect production management system and strict product quality control, we fully protect customers’ rights and interests and win their trust. In the future, we will adhere to technological innovation, committed to providing customers with intelligent and safe energy solutions, and promote the upgrading of lithium energy storage solutions.

   The visit is successful end, and Huanduy is full of confidence in the future and will continue to present a more excellent and wonderful corporate image.

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