RV Lithium Battery Usage Guidelines You Most Want to Get

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Why LiFePO4 batteries are the best choice for RVs?

RV lithium battery mainly divided into lithium ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) batteries according to the different cathode materials; LiFePO4 batteries have the significant advantages of high safety performance, high rate charging and discharging characteristics, and long cycle life.LiFePO4 batteries have a stable chemical nature, good stability at high temperatures, 700 ℃-800 ℃ before decomposition occurs, and will not release oxygen molecules in the face of collision, pinprick, short-circuit, etc. It will not produce violent combustion. LiFePO4 battery is a perfect choice for RV enthusiasts because of its high safety, high charge/discharge rate, long cycle life, and intelligent safety technology.

RV Lithium Battery Considerations:

  1. When theRV lithium batteries do not use for a long time, please switch off all power supply in the RV and check whether the battery discharge current is still continuing! If you don’t switch off all the  RV electrical appliances, the lithium battery can be depleted by small power. Although the  RV battery has built-in over-discharge protection, but long-term zero-power state shelved will seriously shorten the battery life.
  2. Before storing your RV, double-check that the power is off and charge the battery every three months.
  3. If theRV lithium battery has a strange smell, noise, smoke, etc., please stay away from the scene the first time and consult a professional instructor.
  4. The RV lithium battery should keep in dry environment. It is forbidden to place the battery in the place of water leakage to avoid heating leakage and rainwater soaking, which will cause a short circuit of the battery pack.
  5. Battery packs should keep away from combustible, flammable, and explosive materials, and new and used batteries should store separately. The fire extinguishers are stored near the batteries.  
  6. The electrical design of the RV needs to meet the operational requirements of high-power electrical appliances such as air-conditioners and induction cookers. However, in case the power system is over-stressed,  pay attention to the power consumption limit to avoid the simultaneous use of high-power electrical appliances. Excessive current may cause protection of the RV’s power system, resulting in power failure.
  7. Please conserve electricity,  RV energy is valuable. Do not use products with high standby power consumption. Please adopt the habit of switching off the power as you use it to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
  8. In order to ensure the safety of RV electricity, the RV lithium batteries are protected both internally and externally. The internal protection elements integrate in directly controlled by the BMS built into the battery. Externally an air switch is integrated for short-circuit protection. The air switch closes if the current is too high.

Why can't lithium batteries be connected in parallel with lead-acid batteries?

(1) Discharge: batteries with different capacity, easy to produce faults when discharging, when one of the batteries  discharge, while the other voltage remains high.

(2) Charging: battery capacity is different, charging when one of the battery first fully charged, while the other voltage is still lower.

(3) Fast power consumption: 80% shorter life span, even serious damage to the battery.

(4) Overcharging: break the chemical balance, accompanied by electrolysis, damage to the battery.

(5) Batteries charge each other: when the voltage of one of the batteries drops, the battery with the higher voltage charges the lower voltage battery with an uncontrolled amount of current. If the current is superimposed with the charging current of the generator, it will cause serious damage to the battery pack. Therefore, parallel connection of batteries requires the same factory, the same type specification, the same batch, access to the circuit at the same time, and use of the same environment, otherwise, it is not recommended.

Please note the following about lithium battery conversion:

Modification of lithium batteries should operate under professional guidance. Install a suitable fuse on the positive or negative power cable to prevent excessive current or short circuits, and ensure that it will not malfunction when working.   Prohibited using different manufacturers, different types, and models of lithium batteries in parallel. If the same manufacturer, different battery models are connected in parallel together to charge and discharge, depending on the battery capacity of the smallest battery, which will also cause damage to the battery. It is forbidden to mix different brands of lithium batteries, different battery capacities, and new and used lithium batteries, choose the battery with consistent performance. Replace all batteries when they are low. If lithium batteries are in series, you need to use the same battery type. Please pay attention to the polarity of the batteries, if one group of batteries is installed with reverse polarity, it will reduce the voltage of the whole battery. If the polarity of one pack of batteries reverses, it will reduce the voltage of the whole pack. When unpacking the batteries, be sure to check the orientation of the terminals.

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