Why lithium ion batteries are so popular?

Energy crisis accelerates

The European energy crisis has accelerated global energy shortages. According to the latest figures from the International Energy Agency (IEA): global energy demand will grow by 19% before 2040 and the use of renewable energy will increase significantly.

Global energy prices continue to rise. Natural gas consumption is likely to rise by 7% from pre-COVID-19 levels as global energy demand recovers. Natural gas is the second largest source of electricity in Europe, but gas production is declining and its demand continues to grow. Therefore, Europe is naturally mainly dependent on imports. In addition, geopolitical factors have also accelerated the surge in global energy prices. Affected by extreme weather and international conflicts in Europe since the second half of last year, natural gas prices in Europe have repeatedly hit record highs. According to reports, 10 small gas companies in the UK have declared bankruptcy due to soaring natural gas prices since August last year.

European energy crisis

Accelerate the deployment of renewable energy

It can be seen that it is imminent to speed up the layout of renewable energy. Germany urgently proposed to advance the 100% renewable energy target from 2040 to 2035 . By 2025, the newly installed photovoltaic capacity in Europe will almost double (49.7GW,. 5.9GW), and Germany will maintain the first growth rate. The UK unveils its 2030 renewable energy plan. By 2030, the UK’s installed photovoltaic capacity will increase from the current 14GW to 50GW. Brazil extends preferential tax reduction policies for distributed photovoltaic projects.

Renewable energy will rise steadily in the next 30 years. Before 2030, it will be a golden development period. Renewable energy will become the dominant energy on the way to achieve zero-carbon development in the world. By 2050, the share of renewable energy is estimated to reach 88%.The best growth trend in renewable energy is lithium batteries. Especially lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Lithium Battery Demand Trend

China maintains the supply advantage of the world's largest lithium ion phosphate battery production capacity

In 2021, the global photovoltaic installed capacity will increase by 170GW. It is predicted that by 2030, the annual installed capacity will reach 630GW. In the next five years, the newly installed photovoltaic capacity will maintain an average annual compound growth rate of 15-20%. In 2021, the scale of the global new energy storage market will exceed 12GW, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 100%.

The U.S., China and Europe have driven the surge in the size of the global energy storage market. However, China maintains the supply advantage of the world’s largest lithium-ion phosphate battery production capacity, and the export value of LiFePO4 battery is the highest. China’s lithium-ion phosphate battery is mainly exported to Asia Pacific and the Americas. From the perspective of battery export value, the export value of lithium battery is relatively high, far exceeding the export value of lead-acid batteries. In 2020, Chinese lithium-ion battery export value was $15.940 billion, accounting for 73.37% of the total export value. And the lead-acid battery export value was$3.059 billion, accounting for 14.08% of the total export value. Nowadays, everyone pays great attention to rechargeable lithium battery. Rechargeable lithium battery is significant for renewable energy. In terms of lithium battery types48V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery is more popular.

China's lithium battery export market distribution

Lithium ion battery is the trend to go intelligent

The most popular product of renewable energy is definitely LiFePO4 battery. In order to meet your  needs of life, various intelligent energy storage batteries have been customized (such as: adding Bluetooth to visualize the battery, adding a display screen, detachable plastic shell, waterproof function, etc.) .
With the further development of science and technology, energy and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and people’s requirements for lithium-ion batteries will become higher and higher. Therefore, research on high-performance lithium batteries is of great significance for new global energy storage.

Intelligent lithium battery

AI intelligent lithium battery

Huanduy lithium batteries can be equipped with more advanced functions, such as Bluetooth, display screen, removable shell, and waterproof. etc. We are the leading brand of intelligent lithium battery.Security is only the foundation, and intelligence is our advantage. 

To make each Huanduy lithium battery has an AI system.

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