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As one of the fastest growing Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Supplier in China. Since its establishment, the company has been insisting on reducing costs for customers, constantly innovating, striving for more markets, and increasing profits as the goal. Products should not only meet the market demand but also speed up the pace of innovation. Only win-win innovation can create the future together.Work with us for your project.

lithium ion battery suppliers

Shenzhen Huanduy Technology Co., Ltd is an accredited lithium ion battery supplier in engineering, fabrication, supplies, and services of lithium iron phosphate batteries. They are widely used in RVs, yachts, home energy storage systems, communication base stations, golf carts, and other fields.

lithium cell battery pack solution

From the smallest battery pack to the most extensive energy storage system, we can design, develop, produce, distribute, serve, and support solutions that provide superior value to our partner. We are committed to providing you with a wide range of energy storage equipment, storage solutions, and technical support services.

R&D of Lifepo4 lithium battery

Found in 2011, Shenzhen, China. Our chief engineer used to be the technical general manager of the top five lithium battery companies in China. with 20+ years of product development experience in the power supply industry, including lithium ion batteries, home energy storage, and portable power station. With 14 engineers of appearance design, structure design, hardware design, software design, testing, etc, from product concept to mass production, all these main jobs can be done in our factory. 

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