A fun time at the Mid-Autumn Reunion

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The festive reunion is a much-anticipated moment in every team’s annual calendar. It’s a chance for colleagues to get out of the office, relax, and build closer bonds. Not only that, but it also stimulates team creativity, enhances the spirit of co-operation, and boosts employee well-being.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important festival in China, and to make sure that every employee feels valued and that the activities are more attractive, huanduy conducted very meaningful activities such as riddles, hoops, and fish throwing, which were very well attended and enjoyed by the colleagues!

In a fast-paced work environment, holiday reunion activities are an important opportunity for employees to get away from work pressure and enjoy a pleasant time, while contributing to team development. Through careful planning and continuous improvement, reunion activities can be the highlight of the team and contribute positively to the success of the organisation.

CoPow battery wishes you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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