72v lithium ion battery

the most reliable power for your low-speed car.

72V lithium iron phosphate battery

There are many unique advantages, such as high energy density, longer life, high safety, and stable performance. All make 72V lithium iron phosphate the best alternative to lead-acid solution.

72v 100ah lithium battery pack

72V100ah lithium iron phosphate battery most used for electric vehicles. A high discharge rate and equipped with advanced BMS that can ensure the stability and long-lasting driving of your car. Besides, there are applications in other energy sources, such as wheelchairs, electric boats, RVs, photovoltaic, etc.,

72v 100ah lithium battery pack



72v Lithium Ion Battery Application

With the high energy density, longer cycle life, no memory effect, smaller self-discharge, smaller volume, and lighter weight, fast charging and discharging performance, lower maintenance costs, make 72v Lithium Ion Battery is the most suitable for low-speed vehicles, such as three-wheeled electric vehicles, scooters, etc.

Benefits Of 72V Lithium Ion Battery

Equipped with an advanced BMS, it will protect the 72V lithium ion battery from various abnormal conditions such as overcharge and over-discharge, harsh environments. Maximize the battery’s life and performance. Lightweight, safe, and environmentally friendly is suitable for your outdoor application.


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No, because using high current charging leads to serious out gassing and water loss of the battery, resulting in heat and deformation. It is also an important reason for the bulging of battery charging caused by long-term use.

The design life of lithium iron phosphate is 10 years, with reasonable maintenance will be longer.

1. You can upgrade your motor.
2. Change a better tire.
3. Use a higher power LiFePO4 battery.
4. Lighten the weight of a golf cart.
5. It can also add more torque or change the controller.

For example, a 72V100ah battery usually takes about 5 hours to charge fully.

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