48V lithium ion battery

Long cycle life lithium ion batteries are the best to replace all your lead-acid batteries. Safer and smarter.

The best-selling 48V LiFePO4 battery

 48V LiFePO4 battery with excellent performance, longer life, current, and charge/discharge speed better than lead-acid batteries. Environmentally friendly and durable, so it is widely used in golf carts and communication base stations.

48v 50ah lithium ion battery

48v 50ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity :  50Ah   

Battery Energy : 2560Wh 


Weight(kg): <28kg

48v 100ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity :  100Ah   

Battery Energy : 5120Wh 


Weight(kg): <50kg

48v 200ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 51.2V, 

Rated capacity :  200Ah   

Battery Energy : 10240Wh 


Weight(kg): <50kg

Professional 48v lithium ion battery manufacturer

With over 20 countries project experience, just one idea we can provide your the right solutions. Communication base stations are becoming vital in the current information age. Communication backup power mainly uses 48v lithium ion battery pack (lithium iron phosphate batteries). Because of its long cycle life, high-temperature characteristics, charge and discharge rate, energy density are relatively better than other batteries. It can also reduce costs and improve efficiency in the long run.


48v lithium golf cart batteries

The cycle life and safety performance of 48V lithium iron phosphate batteries are better than that of lead-acid batteries. The advantages of charge and discharge speed and low self-discharge rate make the 48V lithium battery widely used in golf carts.
With lower maintenance costs and longer battery life, a 48V lithium iron phosphate battery is your best lead-acid alternative.

best 48V lithium battery

48V lithium batteries have application in energy storage. Different designs for different purposes, with the maturity and continuous improvement of lithium battery technology, our demand for a lithium battery is getting higher and higher. With good safety performance, long cycle life, and environmental protection.

48v lithium ion battery

We always pursue higher-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries.

LiFePO4 battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery. It is a kind of lithium-ion battery.

Our lithium iron phosphate battery has a design life of 10 years. The average mileage with  48v100ah pack is 40 miles.

For example, 48V/100ah battery, if the battery is 100% DOD, will take about 5 hours; if 60% DOD, it will take about 3 hours.

There are two options:
1. 2 *12V batteries in series.
2. Directly use a 48V battery pack

1. Avoid overcharging and discharging. When you do not use the battery for a long time, please keep the battery charge in the 30%~50%SOC state.
2. Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity. Better in temperature of 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃.
3. Please keep the battery away from heat sources, fire sources, and other corrosive environments such as strong acids and bases.

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