48v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery

Taking the lithium-ion battery,high safety, high stability, safe and environmentally friendly materials.

LiFePO4 battery 48V50Ah

lithium phosphate battery 48v 50ah

48V50AH LiFePO4 is a deep cycle battery. Higher performance, the positive material is lithium iron phosphate safer. Built-in advanced BMS can maintain the best performance operation and extend the battery’s life. Huanduy’s professional production in lithium iron phosphate batteries for more than 10 years. We can provide the most suitable for your lithium battery solutions.


48v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Energy:2560Wh

Rated voltage:51.2V

Rated capacity:50Ah

Max charge voltage:58.4V

Cut-off voltage:40V

Charge current:25A

Continuous discharge current:50A

Peak discharge current:120A



house energy storage

48v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery application

Lithium iron phosphate battery 48V50AH has higher energy, no memory effect, low self-discharge rate, and is safer. Making it ideal for use as a power source for home energy storage or solar devices, with obvious advantages. The configured BMS can ensure safety and also makes the cycle life longer.

48v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery benefits

With flexibility, fast charge/discharge performance, and ultra-low maintenance cost, the 48V50AH LiFePO4 battery is the perfect replacement for any of your lead-acid batteries.  We all know that for most applications 48v 50ah lithium rion batteries have many advantages. higher energy density, longer cycle life, more stable performance, better charge and discharge current performance, and also safer. Lower maintenance cost, 100% DOD, which are difficult to achieve with other batteries.Huanduy has experienced R&D engineers who can design and customize various LiFePO4 solutions specifically for you.

safer and smarter BMS


High-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries have 10 years designed lifespan. If the load is a 200W device, 48V50AH can last about 12 hours.

Yes, 48V with higher voltage means more power, greater efficiency, and more power for homes and mobile devices.

It depends on your energy demand. If you need about 1000 watts of energy, then use 24V. If your energy demand is around 5000 then use 48V, it is more efficient.

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