48v 200ah lithium ion battery

High quality A-grade cells, high capacity, high performance, 100% DOD for over 3500 cycles.

lifepo4 battery 48v 200ah

Lithium Phosphate Battery 48v 200ah

The development of battery technology is very fast. Each new battery appears to represent an advancement in technology. The lithium-ion battery(Lithium iron phosphate batteries) is very promising, with better performance than lead-acid batteries. And more environmentally friendly. In line with the global requirements for new energy. What is more important is safety and stable performance.

48v 200ah lithium ion battery

48V200AH lithium iron phosphate is a good quality power supply option. With the latest lithium battery technology, and ten years of design life. Huanduy takes a perfect and high-standard production system, manufacturing safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries to ensure the battery’s excellent performance.

home energy storage

48v 200ah lithium ion battery application

The 48V200ah lithium iron phosphate battery is flexible to install, fast to charge, and has low maintenance costs. Perfect for your sailboat, RV, caravan, golf cart, home solar energy storage system, etc. The battery has stable power and current performance and is more secure in safety.

48v 200ah lithium ion battery benefits

This 48V200AH works well even in harsh environments, providing you with the energy in time. Take intelligent BMS to control the charge and discharge current and monitor the temperature. Ensure battery safety and maximize battery life. Without memory effect, anti-vibration, and anti-shock. Low self-discharge rate and zero maintenance cost.
Huanduy can provide you with a variety of lithium battery customization solutions. High-quality and timely delivery.

48v 200ah lithium ion battery2

Huanduy supports the effective customization of various LiFePO4 solutions.


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Lithium iron phosphate battery with 10 years design lifespan, if the load is 500W, can last about 19 hours.

If use cylindrical 32700-6Ah cells, 15 series and 34 parallels; the final is 48V204Ah;
If prismatic 3.2V200Ah cell, it will be 15 series;
If prismatic 3.2V 100Ah cell, it will be 15 series and 2 in parallel.

Generally formulated batteries with at least 5 hours of useable power. Then for 48V200Ah(9600Wh), the load power is less than 1920W.

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