36V100Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Using laser welding craft, with a high degree of automation, low internal resistance, high energy efficiency, to ensure the welding quality.

LiFePO4 battery 36V100AH

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 36v 100ah

36V 100AH LiFePO4 is a deep cycle battery with higher performance and safer cathode material of lithium iron phosphate. Built-in advanced BMS, that keep the best operation performance and also extend the life of the battery. Huanduy has professional R & D engineers from the top five domestic battery companies. We can provide the right lithium battery solution for you.

36V100Ah Lithium Ion Battery

With flexibility, fast charge/discharge performance, and ultra-low maintenance cost, the 36V100AH LiFePO4 battery is the perfect replacement for any of your lead-acid batteries. ABS standard size hard case. 

marine & yacht

36V100Ah Lithium Ion Battery application

36V100AH lithium-ion battery uses the safest and stable components. With fast charging and discharging performance, smaller size, lighter weight, waterproof rating IP65, longer cycle life, especially suitable for your sailboat, yacht. The best solution for lead-acid battery replacement. Also, an alternative in golf carts, forklifts, etc.

36V100Ah Lithium Ion Battery benefits

36V100Ah lithium ion(lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4)battery has many advantages. Durability, long cycle life, fast charge and discharge, higher energy density all make enough to replace any of your lead-acid batteries. Lower self-discharge rate and built-in integrated BMS make the battery is more secure and stable. In addition, the world is pursuing new environmentally friendly energy sources. Lithium iron phosphate is the best solution for you. We can also upgrade the battery with Bluetooth, communication, and other features.


High quality A-grade cells, high capacity, high performance, 100% DOD for over 3500 cycles.


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The 36V100AH lithium iron phosphate battery has a design life of 10 years, and will last longer if used reasonably.

Yes, the demand for lithium batteries is increasing year by year. With the global environmental changes, the pursuit of environmental protection is getting higher. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more stable and more environmentally, which is the future trend.

Lithium-ion batteries are the future trend. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a higher energy density, more stable performance, more all-around safe cathode materials, and built-in advanced BMS that can also better protect the battery from damage and extend its life.

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