36v lithium ion battery

36v lithium-ion battery provides higher energy density than lead-acid batteries, allowing your idle fishing to last longer.

36 volt lithium trolling motor battery

36 volt lithium trolling motor battery is Huanduy’ mature product. With longer life, more stable performance, small weight, and light volume, perfect for providing power to your fishing boat. Besides, environmentally and durable, efficient energy make you use it more confidently.

36 volt lithium trolling motor battery

36V 40Ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity :  40Ah   

Battery Energy : 1536Wh 


Weight(kg): 14.7kg

36V 60Ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity :  60Ah   

Battery Energy : 2304Wh 


Weight(kg): 21.55kg

36V 80Ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity :  80Ah   

Battery Energy : 3072Wh 


Weight(kg): 31.5kg

36V100Ah lithium ion battery

Rated voltage: 38.4V, 

Rated capacity :  100Ah   

Battery Energy : 3840Wh 


Weight(kg): 36.62kg

Benefits Of 36v lithium ion battery

36V lithium iron phosphate battery has advantages, such as high energy density, lightweight, and convenience. With excellent current performance and charge and discharge speed, longer cycle life makes the battery very reliable. Besides, safety and environmental, make it ideal efficient energy. You deserve it.

36V lithium ion battery
fishing boat

36v lithium ion battery application

The 36V Lithium ion (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery has significant advantages over other batteries and low maintenance costs, making it ideal for marine, RV, and battery-based solar systems and other applications that require high-performance batteries.

Best 36v Lithium Battery

As the technology of 36v Lithium Battery(lithium iron phosphate battery) has matured, you can note 36V lithium batteries in many applications. High performance, long life, high efficiency, and equipped with advanced BMS, safe and stable enough, all these give you trust, reliability.

lithium iron phosphate battery 36v application

36V LiFePO4 battery makes it perfect solution for your application.

Our lithium iron phosphate batteries are equipped with an integrated BMS that protects the battery from overcharging and over-discharging, maximizing battery protection and life extension.

Most small trolling motors use a single 12v marine battery. But some use 24v and 36v systems and require 2 or 3  *12V marine batteries in series. A separate 36V battery is also available.

To judge how long a battery can last according to the load power. Such as the battery of 36V50AH, the load power is 100W, then 36*50/100h=18h.

1. Voltage 43.8V (3.65V/series*12series=43.8V)
2. Current: according to the battery capacity * 0.2; (example 100Ah, charging current 20A, 5 hours full)

36V lithium ion batteries are cost-effective series, widely used in fishing boats and golf carts.

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