36V 60Ah Lithium Ion Battery

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 36v 60ah

36V 60AH is a deep cycle battery with higher performance and a safer LiFePO4 cathode material that will not decompose at high temperatures. Built-in advanced BMS to keep the battery’s best performance operation and extend the lifespan. Huanduy has been a professional in LiFePO4 battery production for more than 10 years. We can provide you with the right lithium battery solutions.

36V 60Ah Lithium Ion Battery

With flexibility, fast charge/discharge performance, and ultra-low maintenance cost, the 36V60AH LiFePO4 battery is the perfect replacement for any of your lead-acid batteries. ABS standard size hard case. 


36V 60Ah Lithium Ion Battery application

When fishing at sea, you must hope the battery can run longer. You can enjoy and without worrying about the battery is not fully charged. Or it will soon run out. 36V60AH LiFePO4 battery has fast charging and discharging performance. Smaller size and lighter weight, waterproof IP65 rating, longer cycle life, that especially suitable for your trolling motor. It is the best solution to replace the lead-acid battery. Besides, it is an alternative for golf carts, forklifts, etc.

36V 60Ah Lithium Ion Battery benefits

This lithium ion(lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4)battery has many advantages. Durability, long cycle life, fast charge and discharge, higher energy density all make enough to replace any of your lead-acid batteries. Lower self-discharge rate and built-in integrated BMS make the battery is more secure and stable. In addition, the world is pursuing new environmentally friendly energy sources. Lithium iron phosphate is the best solution for you. No worry about the high cost while it is a much lower maintenance cost and is cost-saving in the long run. We use A-grade cells, better improve the utilization of energy.

A-grade cells liFePO4 32700

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Without BMS lithium batteries can work as well. But the battery performance will be affected directly. BMS can avoid overcharging and over-discharging and extend the battery’s lifespan. If you ask someone to operate this protection is very inconvenient. And the efficiency is very low.

The rated voltage of lithium iron phosphate cells is 3.2V, 12 3.2V cells in series can get 36V.

The design life of LiFePO4 is 10 years and can be longer under reasonable conditions of use.

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