36v 40ah lithium ion battery

Fast charging (charging to 100% full load within one hour), small size, light weight (1/3 the weight of a lead-acid battery),

Function of PCM/BMS (Battery Management System)

Circuit Protection: The cylindrical cells are optimized through the use of its battery management system (BMS), through monitoring cells, to provide protection against overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits. Also, it enables every battery pack to obtain an independent balancing function. Overall, the BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation.

36v 40ah lithium ion battery brief intro

With flexibility, fast charge/discharge performance, and ultra-low maintenance cost, the 36V40AH LiFePO4 battery is the perfect replacement for any of your lead-acid batteries. ABS standard size hard case. We are a lithium battery manufacturer, specializing in providing lithium battery solutions and can do OEM&ODM.

lithium iron phosphate battery 36v40ah application

36v 40ah lithium ion battery application

The unique advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries, higher energy utilization, safer, higher energy density, is perfect for your RV, camper, sailboat, solar system power supply, etc.

36v 40ah lithium ion battery benefit

Battery equipped with an integrated BMS, the safest and also most stable component with longer battery life, low self-discharge rate, 100% DOD, and is a lighter alternative to lead-acid batteries. There is also no memory effect, giving you more reliable performance and lower maintenance costs. The battery can be equipped with Bluetooth, communication, and other functions, using A-grade cells.

A-grade cells32700

Professional provide 36V40AH lithium iron phosphate solution


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They do not normally explode, but there is a risk if they are kept in an unsuitable environment.

The cathode material of LiFePO4 battery cells is lithium iron phosphate, which will not decompose at high temperatures and is safer than NMC/LCO. The battery pack is equipped with BMS, which better protects the battery performance.

When the battery takes longer to charge or is undercharged; when the battery has been used a few times but the runtime is significantly shorter.

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