36 volt lithium trolling motor battery

The 36-volt lithium trolling motor battery is a specialized power solution designed for the electric trolling motor systems used in boats. This battery provides the necessary voltage of 36 volts to ensure that the trolling motor can deliver sufficient propulsive force in the water.

36V 60Ah Bluetooth Deep Cycle Lithium Marine Trolling Battery

CoPow utilizes the latest lithium battery technology, is more lightweight, and has a longer cycle life, and fast charging times compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries also possess a higher energy density, allowing them to provide more power in the same volume. Batteries are more durable, reducing the frequency of battery replacement. Lithium batteries are relatively more compact than traditional batteries, reducing the overall weight of the electric boat system. They are available for various brands and models of trolling motor systems. Ensure that the purchased battery is compatible with your motor.


LiFePO4 36V 60Ah trolling motor battery

  • Brand new A-grade battery cells, ensuring stable voltage and 100% usable capacity.
  • Equipped with a multi-protection Battery Management System (BMS) that includes safeguards for current, voltage regulation, power, short-circuit, over-discharge, over-charge, magnetic field, and reverse connection.
  • Features customized Bluetooth functionality, allowing real-time monitoring of charging status, voltage, current, temperature, and other operational information.
  • Capable of withstanding high and low temperatures, maintaining normal operation within a -20℃ to 60℃ environment. The battery is dynamically balanced.

CoPow 36V 60Ah trolling motor battery

  • Reduced weight design, unique size, easy to install and carry;
  • Support custom shell, size, color,  charging/discharging current, free design drawings;
  • Multiple strict tests: impact test, charge, and discharge test, rate test, drop test, needle test, high and low temperature test, to ensure the performance and stability of the battery.
  • BMS intelligent equalization control, professional equipment capacity splitting test, enhance the battery  consistency  and ensure the safety of use;

Smarter CoPow 36V 60Ah lithium ion battery


Why Choose CoPow for 36V 60Ah trolling motor battery

CoPow is dedicated to enforcing rigorous quality control and testing procedures. This includes thorough inspections of raw materials, continuous monitoring of the production process, and comprehensive testing of the final products. Our emphasis on quality assurance guarantees that each battery leaving our facility meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. 

CoPow 36V 60Ah electric trolling motor battery with multiple advantages, making it an outstanding choice in the market. Utilizing high-quality A-grade battery cells ensures outstanding performance and reliability, providing robust power support for the trolling motor. CoPow commitment is to ensure that every battery aligns precisely with your demands and specifications.


When fishing at sea, you must hope the battery can run longer. You can enjoy and without worrying about the battery is not fully charged. Or it will soon run out. 36V60AH LiFePO4 battery has fast charging and discharging performance. Smaller size and lighter weight, waterproof IP65 rating, longer cycle life, that especially suitable for your trolling motor. It is the best solution to replace the lead-acid battery. Besides, it is an alternative for golf carts, forklifts, etc.

CoPow custom trolling motor battery

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It is obviously not advisable. A 48V charger will provide too much voltage to the 36V battery, which will damage the battery.

A new marine battery may carry some charge, but you can use it directly. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect and can use as they are charged.

Please follow the correct procedure for connecting and using your device:

Step 1: First make sure you have a boat charger or a charger that is compatible with your battery type.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to connect the charger to the battery.

Step 3: Make sure the power supply is suitable for the voltage requirements of the charger.

Step 4: Check the charging status periodically. Make sure the battery is charging within the optimal voltage and current range.

Step 5: Once the battery fully charged, disconnect the charger and ensure that the cables unplugged in the correct order.

Battery charging time depends on the capacity rating of the battery and the output of the charger. For example, if a 36V lithium charger rate at 15 amps, you can fully charge a 36V 60Ah battery in approximately 4 hours.

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