24V Forklift Battery

24v lithium batteries for forklifts provides the necessary energy for driving and operating the vehicle. It offers a clean and efficient alternative to traditional internal combustion forklifts.

CoPow LiFePO4 forklift battery, safer and smarter

  • Flexible design, can be customized according to the size of the forklift, adapt to 99% forklift;
  • Automotive A-grade battery cell, ultra-long endurance ≥ 10 hours;
  • New design of battery pack with fire extinguishing device
  • BMS function upgrade, intelligent balance
  • APP/Bluetooth/CAN/RS485, support remote control of the switch and manage devices.
  • Sufficient capacity, actual battery capacity  ≥ rated capacity
  • High-definition intelligent display screen, view power and battery pressure difference in real-time;

25.6V460Ah forklift lithium battery

High-temperature explosion-proof valve automatically and quickly pops open when encountering high temperature, peace of mind;

Adopt BMS secondary protection function, temperature control protection, short circuitprotection,over-current/over-voltage protection,over-charging/over-discharging protection;

High-quality raw materials and manufacturing technology, 5-year warranty, can be extended to 10 years

Advantage of CoPow forklift battery

  • Automotive-grade sheet metal bracket, stable battery module, good anti-vibration performance;
  • Adopt advanced MOS tube, low internal resistance, high current;
  • The battery casing is made of high-end PP material, full-automatic heat sealing technology, dust-proof and high-temperature-proof, not to be deformed;
  • Excellent battery pack consistency, welding or soft connection, deep discharge recovery function;
  • Advanced formation process to ensure the balance, consistency, and stability 
forklift battery module

Smarter CoPow LiFePO4 forklift battery

smarter forklift battery

Why Choose CoPow

Huanduy is a professional lithium battery solution manufacturer, with more than 15 years of experience in lithium battery packs. R & D service team 40+, providing customers with optimal battery solutions. Huanduy adopts well-known brands of batteries, and CATL, EVE, BYD, etc. Huanduy lithium batteries have gained recognition in the market, and the products cover many fields of civil and industrial applications. Huanduy’s laboratory equipped with advanced test equipment, an automatic welding machine, a protection board tester, a finished product test room, a grouping, a dividing cabinet, an aging test room, etc. It has a perfect performance test system for lithium battery packs, a good production environment, an orderly production process, and a strict quality control system.


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The charging mechanism of these two is very different, lithium batteries generally constant current and constant voltage charging method or three-stage charging, while the lead-acid battery charger uses a pulse charging method. From the perspective of long-term safety and stability, lithium batteries must still use a dedicated charger. Charger design and materials are strict, good-quality chargers are fully functional, safe, and reliable, the use temperature will not be too high, and long service life!

Step 1:  charging preparation 

Park the forklift truck in the charging area, and close the vehicle switch;Open the vehicle charging hatch and protective cover, and check the charging interface; Confirm the state of the charger, and check the charging gun, connecting the charging gun with the vehicle charging interface correctly.

Step 2: Charging starts

Open the lithium battery switch, charger air switch, and start switch; Observe the charger display, charging connection, and working status; Wait for charging confirmation, the charging current is normal, and charging starts.

Step 3: Charging end

Press the charger stop button;Confirm that the charging current display is 0A, then unplug the charging gun;Close the charging protective cover and hatch, and place the charging gun in a standardized way.

The possible reasons are that the power has reached the minimum lower voltage limit of the protection board, the protection board or controller stops working; or the continuous working current exceeds the design protection current of the protection board, which will make the battery pack stop working suddenly.

Battery voltage and capacity, the battery box size , the battery weight,  the cell quality, the BMS function, and the charger. Understanding the brand and manufacturer strength, etc.

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