24v 200ah lithium ion battery

Using the lithium-ion battery,high safety, high stability, safe and environmentally friendly materials.

Lithium iron phosphate battery 24v 200ah

24v 200ah  Lithium iron phosphate battery compared with lead-acid, AGM, or others, more stable performance and ultra-high life cycle stand out. Maintenance costs can reduce to a minimum. Huanduy specializes in providing lithium battery solutions, can do OEM & ODM. Lithium iron phosphate is a good quality power choice. Take the latest lithium battery technology, ten years designed life. We has a high standard of the production system, manufacturing safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries. 

24v 200ah lithium ion battery brief intro

Huanduy can develop a custom case specifically for your application, make the charge and discharge current. Customizing a beautiful and rugged case with the right dimension is better, including terminals and cables. The professional power system is lithium iron phosphate batteries. The overall cost is lower. Lithium-ion batteries are also very promising. More advantages than lead-acid batteries. With more environmentally friendly, in line with the global requirements for new energy.


24v 200ah lithium ion battery application

Lithium iron phosphate battery 24V200AH has higher energy, no memory effect, low self-discharge rate, and is safer. Making it ideal for use as a power source for sailboats, caravans, caravans, golf carts, home solar energy storage systems, or solar devices, etc. With obvious advantages. The configured BMS can ensure safety and also makes the cycle life longer. The battery has stable power and current performance, which is more secure in safety. The batteries are flexible in installation, can be charged quickly, and have extremely low maintenance costs.

24v 200ah lithium ion battery benefit

We all know that for most applications lithium batteries have many advantages. higher energy density, longer cycle life, more stable performance, better charge and discharge current performance, and also safer. Lower maintenance cost, 100% DOD, which are difficult to achieve with other batteries. Huanduy’s lithium phosphate iron battery also offers many proven advantages over other available lithium formulations, the most prominent is safety and stability.

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Assuming a 400W device, a 24V200AH battery last about 24*200/400=12 hours

The energy of a 24v200ah lithium iron phosphate battery is 4800wh.

Generally, according to the battery capacity of 0.2 times, if it is a 40A charging current, it takes about 5 hours to be fully charged.

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