200w Portable Power Station

With integrated circuit design, we can improve the portable power station performance, safety, quality, efficiency.

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PS200 is a best handheld mobile battery powered generator. It can be used for outdoor activities such as camping, RV travel, self-driving, hiking, fishing, etc. It provides power for AC devices and consumer electronics, and can also be used as off-grid power and emergency power in case of a power outage.

200w Portable Power Station PS200

PS200 integrates chargers (by car or PV), lithium-ion battery, AC/DC inverter, and DC output outlets, like USB type-C, USB-A, DC 12V, and car cigarette socket. The AC outlets output a total of 200W to power your TV, fan, lamp, etc. And your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. It can be powerd by the DC outlets. It can be charged by included AC/DC adaptor when you at home, solar panel when you enjoy outdoor and car when on the road.

200w Portable Power Station application

200w Portable Power Station Applications

Emergency Power– It comprises emergency charging of electronic devices, such as laptops, smart phones and tablets,
during grid blackouts and outages

Typical Applications- Off-grid Power

The market in the off-grid segment is being driven largely by the increasing camping and outdoor recreational activities. The off-grid segment comprises the charging requirements for RV and campsite equipment. It provides power to such equipment without causing any kind of noise, pollution or fumes. Demand from certain camping activities could be seasonal, such as visits during the rainy season or visiting water parks during summers.

200w Portable Power Station Applications

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PS200 is recommended for loads below 200W and can last 3-4 hours if the load is 60W for a TV.

This battery goes for a mini-fridge. It can last 1-3 hours for a small fridge with200W. If it needs longer, use a more powerful portable power supply

This PS200 uses a lithium iron phosphate battery with a design life of 10 years. If used properly, it will last longer.

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