16V 100Ah lithium battery

The Deep Cycle Marine Battery 16V 100AH is an advanced energy storage solution designed specifically for marine applications. Lithium batteries stand out for their high energy density, lightweight design, and ability to provide stable voltage throughout the discharge cycle, making them a reliable choice for marine enthusiasts looking for superior energy storage.

Lithium 16v 100ah deep cycle LiFePO4 Battery

Brand new A-grade full-capacity batteries, 100% real usable capacity.

Built-in intelligent BMS module, equalisation function, Bluetooth function

Extreme safety test, no fire or explosion, better safety performance;

Supports low-temperature self-heating function, resistant to cold and low temperature;

Supports fast charging, multiple charging methods, and 1C charging and discharging;


16V Marine Eletronics Batteries

  • Reduced weight design, high capacity density;
  • No memory effect, no maintenance required;
  • No harmful metals, no noise and no pollution;
  • Low self-discharge rate, ready to activate for use;
  • Wide applications : solar energy storage, caravans, fishing boats, outdoor work;

CoPow 16v Lithium Electronics Battery

  • Weight-reducing design can be designed to increase voltage or capacity in unique series-parallel connections, depending on the project or power needs;

  • Automotive grade bracket module anti-vibration and heat dissipation, high consistency of molded nickel sheet welding, balanced discharge, and lower internal resistance;


Smarter CoPow 16V 100Ah lithium ion battery


Why Choose CoPow for 16V Marine Eletronics Batteries

CoPow, a company specializing in the manufacturing of lithium battery solutions for marine, has accumulated more than 15 years of rich experience. With a team of more than 40 professional R&D staff, the company is committed to providing customers with the best battery solutions. We maintain close cooperation with first-class cell factories, such as CATL, EVE, BYD, etc., to ensure the use of top-notch cell technology.

CoPow’s lithium battery products have won wide recognition in the market and are widely used in many fields, including civil and industrial. The company’s laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment, including automatic welding machines, protection board testers, finished product testing rooms, grouping and compartmentalization cabinets, and aging testing rooms. This complete testing facility ensures the outstanding performance of lithium battery packs.

In addition to advanced technology, CoPow focuses on maintaining an organized and sophisticated production environment. The production process is well organized with a strict quality control system. With its commitment to excellence, CoPow has become a trusted manufacturer of lithium battery solutions for fishing vessels.



16V marine electronic batteries are used to provide a stable power source for navigation equipment on board ships, including GPS systems, radars, electronic chartplotters, etc. These devices are critical for a stable power supply to ensure accurate navigation of the vessel at sea.

CoPow custom trolling motor battery

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Whether 16V is better than 12V depends on the context in which you’re comparing them. In many cases, the voltage requirement or specification is determined by the specific application or device.

Charging a 12V battery with a 16V wall charger is not recommended. Batteries have a specific safe charging voltage range, and exceeding this range during charging may lead to battery damage.

Race cars often use a 16-volt battery instead of the standard 12-volt battery for specific performance-related reasons. Here are a few reasons why race cars may opt for a higher voltage battery:

Quick Starting,Electrical System Performance,Consistent Power Output,Ignition System Performance

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