1500w portable power station

A Multifunctional and high capacity Portable Power Supply Allows You To Enjoy Power At Any Time.

lifepo4 portable power station

lithium iron phosphate power station

ESS1520 1500w portable power station is a rack-mounted lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4 battery) power station  ESS (Energy Storage System). It’s an all-in-one portable power station for outdoors, tailgating, power outages, medical devices and disaster relief, etc, as well as off grid power supply and home emergency power supply when electricity cut.

1500w portable power station ESS1520

ESS1520 integrates AC/DC chargers, solar MPPT charger, LiFePO4 battery, AC/DC bidirectional inverter and DC
output outlets, like USB type-C, USB-A. The AC outlets output from 1500W pure sine wave inverter are just
like the public grid. It powers your TV, fan, lamp and other household appliances. And your laptop, tablet,
smart phone, etc can be powered by the DC outlets. It can be charged by built-in AC/DC charger when you
at home and solar panel when you enjoy outdoor.

1500w portable power station(4)

powerstation 1500 watt

1500w portable power station with separated power conversion box (AC-DC, DC-AC, DC-DC) and scalable battery boxes, the battery capacity could be customized as various customer needs. The two boxes have standard 2U (88mm) height and it’s plug and play for standard rack cabinet.

1500w Typical Applications

Emergency Power– This includes emergency charging of electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and
tablets during power outages, as well as powering common household appliances such as light bulbs, washing machines, fans and televisions.

Off-grid Power– The off-grid living comprises the charging requirements for RV and campsite equipment such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, campsites, electrical cooking equipment, etc. It provides power to such
equipment without causing any kind of noise, pollution or fumes.

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1500w portable power station usually can run more than 17 hours. This battery is very convenient. It can make your life easier in the event of a power outage.

A 1500-watt generator can power a refrigerator, computer, lights, TV and stereo equipment, etc.

A 5000-7500 watt generator is fine for the average home。

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