12v 30ah lithium ion battery

Using the lithium-ion battery,high safety, high stability, safe and environmentally friendly materials. High quality A-grade cells, high capacity, high performance, 100% DOD。

lithium iron phosphate battery 12v 30ah

12V30AH lithium iron phosphate battery is a very safe and long-lasting battery. With more than 3500 cycles, better charge and discharge performance, built-in advanced MBS, you can connect 4 in series. Or several parallel connections. It’s your more reliable power choice.

12v 30ah lithium ion battery

12v30ah lithium iron phosphate batteries can be a direct replacement for your lead-acid batteries. With more advantages, lighter weight, smaller size, and last longer mileage. We produced lithium iron phosphate batteries for more than ten years. You can rely on it.

lithium iron phosphate battery 12v30ah application

12v 30ah lithium ion battery application

12v 30ah Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP))batteries are lighter, last longer, and take up less space than other batteries, making them perfect for your boat, RV, floor sweeper, UPS system, solar storage, etc.

advantage of 12v 30ah lithium ion battery

Buy lithium iron phosphate batteries, don’t have to worry about high maintenance costs too much trouble. On the contrary, the overall cost is lower. You can get higher energy in time, even in harsh environments. Huanduy’s batteries are configured with an integrated BMS, well protected, and extend the battery’s life, is your most efficient power.

lithium battery BMS

Professional manufacture of lithium batteries for more than 10 years, focus on quality, and service


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 12v 30ah lithium ion battery with dimension 192*131*166mm.

It’s approximately 5 hours. Generally speaking, the current of the charger is 0.2 times the capacity, that is 6A, then 30/6 = 5 hours

How to choose a charger for your battery? It’s according to the voltage and current. 12v30ah lithium iron battery is four cells in series, charging voltage can be 3.65 * 4 = 14.6V; charging current by the battery capacity of 0.2 times that 6A, so the general configuration is 14.6V6A charger.

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