12v 20ah lithium ion battery

Customized solutions can be provided according to the user scenarios.

lithium iron phosphate battery 12v 20ah

With the technical advantages and the global pursuit of environmental life, more and more people prefer lithium iron phosphate batteries. Longer life of lithium batteries, good charging and discharging performance, and stable and safe, do not have to worry about high maintenance costs. A comprehensive view is more cost-saving, improves efficiency.

12v 20ah lithium ion battery

12V20AH lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP)battery life is 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries. Compared with other batteries is very advantageous, not only long life, more lightweight, durable, occupy less space, more convenient, is the best choice for your travel or home.

lithium iron phosphate battery 12v20ah application

12v 20ah lithium ion battery application

12v 50ah Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP))batteries are lighter, last longer, and take up less space than other batteries, making them perfect for your boat, RV, floor sweeper, UPS system, solar storage, etc.

advantage of 12v 20ah lithium ion battery

Huanduy’s 12v20ah with high quality A-grade cells, high capacity, high performance, 100% DOD for over 3500 cycles. Long cycle life (Over 8 years of battery life, 10years designed life) .

lithium iron phosphate battery cell 12V20AH

Professional provide high quality 12V20ah lithium iron phosphate solution


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If not used for a long time better to regularly charge the lithium ion battery. Maintaining a good battery will be OK.

Generally speaking higher the capacity, the longer you can keep your device running.

You can use new lithium batteries directly. Recharge after use or full continues to use all the same.

Assuming your load is 35W, the time available is: 12*20/35≈6.86h

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