12v 12ah lithium ion battery

Lighter, more durable and environmentally friendly energy with longer cycle life

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12v 12ah

Huanduy’s deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate battery 12v12ah has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and long life.  With low maintenance cost, it is the best choice to replace lead-acid. With flexibility, fast charge and discharge performance, and ultra-low maintenance costs. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the perfect replacement for any of your lead-acid batteries. We are a lithium battery manufacturer, focus on providing lithium battery solutions and support OEM&ODM.

12v 12ah lithium ion battery

12v12ah lithium iron phosphate battery has advantages over lead-acid. You can get more efficient energy, even in a harsh environment. It has the advantages of good performance, lightweight, small size, no memory effect, low self-discharge rate, and longer life. Although the price is higher, the overall cost is lower in the long run. The maintenance cost of the battery is the lowest.

lithium iron phosphate battery 12v12ah application

12v 12ah lithium ion battery application

12v12ah lithium iron phosphate battery’ application is mainly in RV, marine, golf, solar system, off-grid photovoltaic, and other applications. It can be a good substitute for lead and acid and bring new energy standards for your home, business, and industrial electricity.

advantage of 12v 12ah lithium ion battery

12v 12ah lithium ion battery with more advantages, lighter weight, smaller size, higher energy density, longer cycle life, more stable performance, better charge and discharge current performance, and also safer. Lower maintenance cost, 100% DOD, which are difficult to achieve with other batteries. We produced lithium iron phosphate batteries for more than ten years.You can rely on it.

lithium iron phosphate battery 12v12ah advantages

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Four 3.2V cells in series will be OK.

Small electronic devices such as power 1.2W, then h = 12 * 12 / 1.2 = 120, can last about 120 hours.

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